Wise Blood - "B.I.G. E.G.O." (video featuring Daphne Guinness)

Daphne Guinness on the street, Paris. Photo Olivier Zahm

I guess Daphne Guinness is making her latest rounds... late last night we caught this cool photo of Daphne shot by Olivier Zahm on the Purple Mag tumblr page - and this morning she shows up over at THE FADER being featured in this new Wise Blood video.

"B.I.G. E.G.O." from david parker on Vimeo.


James Plumb

JAMES PLUMB is Hannah Plumb and James Russell, two artists under one name who work with the overlooked and discarded, taking time worn antiques and cast-offs to produce one-off assemblages, luminaires and interiors.





The New Anthology's Union Jack Coffee Table

We'll be adding We've added the "Union Jack" Coffee Table to our collection within the next day or two. Come back and Check it out here and see if your interested in purchasing.

The Golden Filter - "White Nights"

The Golden Filter - White Nights from inflatable girl clam on Vimeo.

unofficial video for The Golden Filter's "White Nights" track (aka Golden Filter's Christmas Lullaby Song) and Psychic TV cover.

someone had the sheer awesomeness to sync it up to scenes from "It's A Wonderful Life", albeit focusing a bit more on George's darker (alternate life) moments, making for a somewhat moodier listen.

if you're kinda bummed that it's an unofficial video, maybe the fact that you can download the real track for free off of them with the widget below in exchange for you email addy, might make up for that.

Thanks for the early Christmas gift TGF.

Happy Listening to All.


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